If you've just placed an order, we'd request you give us 24 hours to ship your product from our location. We'd need to pick out your product from a large selection, pack it in a secure box along with your invoice and hand it over to the courier company. Typically, all orders placed before 2 PM on our website, on a weekday, are shipped out the same day or on the next business day for sure. 

If you still haven't received confirmation even after 24 hours, this could happen for multiple reasons:

1. Product not readily available: Any product page with the message “Ships within 24hrs” indicates that the product is readily available at our warehouse for us to dispatch within a day. But if the product is not readily available at our warehouse, the product will take a few days or longer. Mostly because it’ll have to be arranged.

If the product you’ve ordered has a longer (more than 3-4 business days) delivery timeline then it's mainly because we will take a few days to arrange for the product from the brands.

2. Incomplete address: At times, the address provided by you can be too short or incomplete. In such cases, we will definitely email you or call you to have the order shipped with the complete address to avoid any kind of delivery exceptions. Till we don’t receive the complete address, your order will be on hold.

3. CoD not possible: Courier companies keep updating their list of CoD serviceable locations. While processing your order, it might not be acceptable for CoD even though at the time of checking the serviceability on our website, your pincode would’ve been shown serviceable for CoD.

In such a case, you can either:
1) Provide an alternate address with a different pincode to which we can try delivering your order.
2) You can pay online and we can dispatch it via our courier partners.

4. Delay from the Courier Company’s Side: There are times when we might’ve kept all our orders ready for dispatch, but there might be a delay caused by the courier company not showing up to collect the orders. This in turn will mean that your order will get dispatched on the next day which causes a delay of 24 hrs. This is for the most part rare but in case of unforeseen weather conditions, this might occur.

5. Public Holiday/Sunday: There might be a delay in dispatch if there’s a public holiday or Sunday. All orders that we get by 2 PM are dispatched on the same day (Mon-Sat). This is not applicable on Sundays and Public Holidays. Also if any order is placed after 2 PM and the following day is a public holiday or a Sunday, the dispatch will take place on the next business day.