1. Turn on the headset when you pair the headset with a device for the first time after you bought it        or after you initialized the headset (the headset has no pairing information). The headset enters           pairing mode automatically.

2. When you pair a second or subsequent device (the headset has pairing information for other devices), press and hold the button for about 7 seconds.
Check that the indicator (blue) repeatedly flashes twice in a row. You will hear a voice guidance “Bluetooth pairing”.
[WI-C200] will be displayed on the list of detected devices on the screen of the Bluetooth device.If it is not displayed, repeat from step 1.
Select [WI-C200] displayed on the screen of the Bluetooth device for pairing.


If the headset cannot be turned on or cannot be operated even when it is turned on, press the power button and - button simultaneously while charging. The headset will be reset. The device registration (pairing) information is not deleted.