Pairing the LYPERTEK PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI)

  1. Double tap either earbud to start pairing.
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings on your device.
  3. Turn Bluetooth on.
  4. Select LYPERTEK.
  5. You're good to go.

Resetting the LYPERTEK PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI)

  1. Forget the PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI) Bluetooth name, [LYPERTEK] PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI) - L / R,  from the Bluetooth list on the phone.
  2. Put both earphones into the charging case; (Make sure the charging case has power)
  3. Press and hold both PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI) L/R for 5 seconds.  Remember to make sure you can see the light.
  4. Once you see the light flash, release the fingers. Then TEVI was reset.
  5. Take out both earphones from the charging case, LED of one side earphone is flashing, which means it is at pairing mode.  
  6. Follow the pairing procedure to connect PurePlay Z3 2.0 (TEVI) with the phone again.