Different brands have different warranty procedures. Some brands choose to repair the product if possible while other brands strictly replace the product with a brand new or an unboxed product. 

Most of the times, we do not have the spare parts available or the technical ability to repair a defective unit. In such a case, we simply replace the product with a working unit. 

If the issue is quite straightforward and easily fixable, we will let you know and go ahead and fix it.

In case of an obscure defect, we will contact you and need you to elaborate on the problem to better understand it. Thereafter, we will send it for re-inspection.

We may also send the product directly to the brand to ensure the matter is being taken care of in the best possible way.

Throughout this process, we will make sure that we send you a status update at every step. 

To understand the warranty policy of a particular brand, you can go here for brands serviced by Headphone Zone and here for brands serviced by others. You can also find the warranty details of a brand on its product page.