Unboxed products are as good as brand new products just without the original packaging. In simple terms, Unboxed products are simply unsealed products. 

They are barely used, come with all accessories (unless mentioned otherwise) and full manufacturer's warranty. Also, since they come without the outside packaging, you get them at a discount (when compared to the price of a brand-new product). 

Unboxed products are typically obtained from one of the following situations-

  • When demo units of a particular product are unavailable to feature in our video, we often use a brand new unit and later sell it as unboxed. 
  • When people return a product under the 7 days return policy because its performance does not match their expectations.
  • When the packaging is damaged in transit.

All Unboxed products are properly inspected before they are sold on our website to ensure they are in perfect working condition. 

Do note: Unboxed products are not pre-owned or second-hand products. They are almost brand-new and you will get the very same customer service as that of other new products on Headphone Zone. The same return policies and warranty policies are applicable as that of packaged products.