Pairing the RHA TrueConnect 2

  1. If you just opened your new TrueConnect 2 box then simply activate Bluetooth from your source device then remove the earbuds from the charging case. You should see ""RHA TrueConnect 2"" within the list of discovered devices, tap this and you are paired!
  2. For subsequent pairings, first check your earbuds are switched on and not connected to any other Bluetooth devices. Then hold the control button on the right earbud for 5 seconds. The indicator LED should begin flashing and you can now pair you earbuds with a new source device.

Resetting the RHA TrueConnect 2

  1. Unpair from any paired devices 
  2. Place the earbuds into the charging case and wait at least 10 seconds 
  3. Remove the right and the left bud from charging case 
  4. The right bud should automatically enter pairing mode when removed from the case (If the left does not automatically enter pairing mode, please hold the button in on the left until it enters pairing mode (flashes red and white)) With both buds in pairing mode, take one bud in each hand and double click the button on each, at the same time. This resets them as a set and can take up to 30 seconds. If successful, the LED on the right bud will flash red and white (pairing mode) With right bud indicating pairing mode, select RHA TrueConnect 2 from your device Bluetooth list, there should only be one showing Both buds will then flash white at the same time to confirm re-pairing"