It takes about 7 Business Days for the inspection process to be carried out once the product has reached our warehouse in Chennai. 

Once the product reaches our warehouse, you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Thereafter, we will let you know if the defect is covered under warranty or not.

Please Note: To claim warranty for the brands of which we are not service partners, you will need to contact the brand directly. They may have a different process of inspection and hence the time taken for it would differ.

Why does it take 2 Business Days for us to carry out the inspection process ?

We are service partners to multiple brands and hence, we deal with hundreds of similar cases everyday. For every case that we get, it takes us a considerable amount of time to inspect it for a specific defect. We spend a lot of time on each product to meticulously inspect it and assure you if it can be claimed under warranty.

In some specific cases where there are obscure defects, we might send the product directly to the brand to get a confirmed inspection status. Thereafter, we might face a delay but we will make sure that an inspection status update is sent to you at every stage of the process.